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12 July 2010 @ 09:59 pm

uwaa this LJ has been abandoned for so long ! 

i may not have been updating this very often (understatement xD)
but lately i've been really into  Tumblr
and it's almost like my blog away from my blog ! Pic

i actually can't post on LJ that easily anymore
because my computer has gotten so slow D:
my internet always crashes when i'm trying to post an entry
it actually did that once while i was working on this post too 
it's so frustrating to lose entries that i spent
so long typing up and adding emoticons to ! 

so if you have time please come check it out,
or if you have a Tumblr, please add me  


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04 April 2010 @ 04:32 pm
as promised here's a way too long considering the fact that each nail style looks the same suzu update ~! 
these are some of the styles i tried out during my LJ hiatus


let's play spot the difference between the right and left hand styles !  lol sorry they look all crusty ! @__@ :  these were taken a few days after i did my nails 

the thumb nail looks like this 
from farther away.. LOL 

this was using my cellphone again i never took pictures of this with my camera for some reason ! it was just a really simple glitter (which is impossible to make out in these pictures) pink though 

with my ipod ! loll  even though a second picture for this was totally unneeded


this was inspired by one the nail styles that Ranzuki model 鈴木あやちゃん did 

the star confetti piece on the ring finger nail didnt come out so well in the last picture so here it is cropped from a different pic ! xD

here was 鈴木あやちゃん's from her blog  the link to her blog is in my links bar !
she had a gold star instead ~

there's a ribbon on the ring finger nail ! but it got blinded out by the flash D:

it was a nail art sticker from one of the ones i bought from one of my previous entries 

finally, the

 and that's it for my nail update ! 

a 私服 update should be coming up sometime soon too, so stay tuned

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it's officially miuchan's birthday in japan  
though really early in the morning ! hahah xD 


今年も頑張ってね あたしも頑張りますから!  
(sounds more like a new years message.. lol xD)

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in just a few months it'd be a year since i last posted ! 

hahah no, that's an exaggeration

 but it really has been a while and so much has happened ! i'm nearing the end of my senior year of high school and i've received all of my college acceptance and rejection letters and everything  
it looks like im going to UCLA  
it was my top choice so im incredibly happy about being able to make it in !  

other than that, everything is still pretty much the same  lol im still in love with   and 三浦春馬くん and i still watch dramas ! (but only because right now its spring break !  ) i went through a lot of weird/different fandoms during the time i ceased to exist on LJ too (  Takizawa Hideaki,  Buono!,  WaT, and  SHINee ! hahaha) but for some reason everything went in a circle and im back to what i used to like ! lol 

but anyway this was just a quick update !  hopefully there will be 私服, nail, and shopping update entries coming up too  

until then  

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my brother wanted to go to quizno's today for lunch, so i ordered a pesto turkey torpedo ~ !
it looks so cute somehow!  hahah

but i just looked up the amount of calories on livestrong.com
and there goes half of my daily kcal intake quota !   lol

currently trying to work hard on a diet xD  

oh, have i told you guys that its the first time ive ever posted three consecutive posts, 1 per day, at a time  and thats not just for LJ, but for any of the blogs i've ever made xD lol hurrah ! ^o^/  

but since ive been updating this frequently, instead of choosing a certain outfit for the 私服ちゃんコーナー out of the week like i usually do, i'll post the things i wore today instead


a plaid babydoll dress with black tights...

with these boots  :3

about the winter outfit despite it being summertime xD : i looked out the window in the morning and it was so foggy, do i decided to wear something warm (the material the dress is made of is pretty thick o_o), but then after class it became summer weather ! lol xD

and here was my outfit for yesterday too

a really simple monday type of outfit hahah (my classes are from tues-fri so tuesdays always feel like mondays now ~) a two-toned gray (perfect monday color hahah ) dress with a big belt over denim skinny jeans and baby blue polka dot flipflops that i dont happen to have a picture of

and ackk its that cardigan again  lol


and here (finally, after 2 days of posting ) are the the things i bought over the weekend 

i went out with my friend on saturday, and ended up buying the these things that had been on my shopping list for a while now  

the August issue of Popteen
lol i should just subscribe to it already xD maybe after i save up enough money though ~ ^ ^ 

i also got my first pair of color contacts! :D  this pair's version is Annex Brown, and they're the most natural-looking ones that the shop i went to had ~  (and i think they had the entire candy magic series o_o they even had the 15.5mm king series that sakurinachan designed ~ :O to  i'm hoping to slowly work my way up to those ones ! ) i was choosing and chatting with the shopowner about colored lenses and how to take care of them for almost an hour and i decided to go with the most natural looking ones the shopowner used to be a gal but even now she dresses in gal styles and wears color cons ~ i really like her a lot and chatting with her was fun ~ x3 

lol i dont have a contacts case yet so im just keeping them in the bottles they came in for now 

and here they are ~  hahah im sorry about the blurriness @__@ but its basically just a ring of brown, so my eyes stay the same color, and the irises just look a bit wider =] i think i look like an alien with them on !  hahah  

but once i get used to them, maybe i'll post a picture of what they look like on me ~   i wonder which ones i should get next after i get used to this pair

lol i also got these face/neck rollers :3

theyre so much fun ~ :3 im planning to get two more after i save up enough money ~ ! : a セルローラー and a レッグセルローラー

i saw this cap in a shop by accident and i got it because it was so cheap and cute ~ :O 

i dont know what it says though hahah hopefully it doesnt mean anything bad

i also accidently found these nailarts that were on sale 
theyre so cute ~  

and now im super broke

lol i dont think you guys will be seeing another one of thse "things i bought" pic spams for a while  xD


and that ends my sudden post trilogy \:D/ yayy~  hahah

that was fun ! hahah i should post more often like this :D

but btw, recently, about my diet, i lost 2 kg  
i'll continue to do my best for this diet ~ ! :D

i'll post again soon !

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